Detecting Fire Gases Early and Safely

The concentration of four fire-characteristic gases is evaluated using multi-criteria technology.

Industrial Fire Detection
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Fire Detection with Semiconductor Gas Sensors

Fire Gas Detectors


There are several typical gases or gaseous components that are released at an early stage during fires in industrial plants, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen, various hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. Detecting these gases is the task of GSME fire gas detectors. GSME fire gas detectors detect at an early stage gases that are characteristic for developing fires. They detect both open and concealed smoldering fires. Highly sensitive and at the same time robust, they are ideal for fire gas detection in industrial environments – and already in the incipient stage. With the ADICOS software, all detector states and concentration curves can be displayed graphically. Sensitivities as well as alarm thresholds can be parameterized individually for each detector. The GSME fire gas detectors can be used in almost any indoor plant area, taking into account the air flow conditions.

Four parameterizable semiconductor gas sensors monitor and evaluate the concentration curve of these gases according to multi-criteria technology. This enables the GSME detectors to distinguish real fires from interference signals. In industrial environments, this often occurs under harsh conditions, e.g. due to vehicle exhaust fumes, dust, water vapor or cigarette smoke.

Industrial Fire Detection ADICOS