KMG-Vision provides time savings and flexibility

The new KMG-Vision software for evaluating measurements of closing forces on doors, gates and barriers means a considerable gain in time and flexibility for users.

New GMG-Carrier-Plate for Sandpaper

For the preparation of sliding friction measurements with our GMG devices, we offer a GMG-Carrier-Plate as an accessory.

New software GMG-Vision

Our new GMG-Vision software, version EN11, has been released. Originating from its predecessor GMG-VD, it has been fundamentally updated and adapted to the current status of standards.

Available from Fall 2022: CoboSafe CBSF-XS

Available from summer 2022: Small and versatile, our newly developed CoboSafe CBSF-XS, especially for cobot grippers and other applications with confined gaps.

Webinar ‘Safety and Robotic in Harmony’

On March 15, 2022, OMRON Industrial Automation’s free webinar will focus on functional safety in applications with industrial robots and cobots – watch the live-demo of our CoboSafe system.

Series without limit: KMG-Lite sold 10,000 times

Our KMG-Lite measuring device is celebrating a success story: It was recently sold for the 10,000th time. Especially fitters and craftsmen appreciate it, because it is robust, easy and self-explanatory to use.

New British-German Cooperation for our CoboSafe Systems

Our UK-based partners Cobots and Machinery Safety Ltd are now distributors of our GTE Cobosafe Measuring System for Human-Robot Collaboration.

KMG Calibration Subscription – The All-Around Carefree Package

Those who need to calibrate our force measurement devices from the KMG product family annually can now benefit from our new calibration subscription.