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Power Supply

NT V40-A3

The ADICOS NT V40-A3 power supply unit guarantees the optimum power supply for your fire alarm system. In contrast to conventional fire detectors, the special fire detectors from the ADICOS range have a higher power consumption. Therefore, the detectors can also be supplied with 40V in order to reduce the power losses on the supply line.

  • Robust design due to steel housing
  • High resistance to moisture and dust
  • Supply of up to 15 detectors
  • Intelligent short-circuit detection
  • Plug-in connection terminals for up to three detector lines
  • Power failure detection with display via relay
  • Electronically regulated output voltage
  • LED status display
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Fault relay in case of secondary voltage failure
Application fields
  • Mains-operated power supply for up to 15 ADICOS special fire detectors.
  • Suitable for all ADICOS-typical areas of application, especially in industrial plants, as the power supply unit has been specially designed for the power supply of ADICOS detectors, and is also robust and resistant to dust and moisture.

The ADICOS NT V40-A3 power supply unit is specially designed to supply power to ADICOS detectors. Its output power enables the operation of up to 15 GSME or HOTSPOT detectors depending on the line paths and cross sections. The NT V40-A3 is supplied by 230 V AC mains voltage. It has an intelligent mains failure detection with detector relay. Its robust design in a steel housing meets the requirements for fire alarm system operation in industrial environments.

ADICOS fire detection technology, recycling plant with two conveyor belts

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Technical Data NT V40-A3

Dimensions:300 mm x 200 mm x 155 mm (H x W x D)
Protection class:IP55
Weight:6.3 kg
Housing:Steel case