HEATDEC-Pro temperature measurement, side view right
HEATDEC-Pro temperature measurement device, display
HEATDEC-Pro temperature measurement, side left
HEATDEC-Pro temperature measurement, side view right
HEATDEC-Pro temperature measurement device, display
HEATDEC-Pro temperature measurement, side left

Temperature Screening


Particularly in the access areas of factory premises, public spaces, or care facilities such as retirement homes, a reliable measurement of human body temperatures is relevant to safety. The measuring system evaluates the temperature distribution of a face and  provides a quick and reliable feedback. Depending on the result, additional measures can be altered via a relay. The system outputs the result via a display and acknowledges it – if desired – with a color and sound signal. The application scenarios and the resulting measures are manyfold. Therefore, among other things, threshold value and feedback text are freely configurable.

Fast & uncomplicated
  • The measuring system is preconfigured and ready for immediate use.
  • Approximately 1,000 measurements per hour are possible.
  • Live thermal image with visual temperature output
  • The measurement result is acknowledged with a color and sound signal (optional).
  • Stand-alone device (230 V connection) Windows-compatible
Secure & reliable
  • Can be used in compliance with the Basic Data Protection Regulation DSGVO (no facial recognition)
  • Excellent result quality due to measurement of temperature distribution
  • Intelligent evaluation: the course of measurement is accounted for during evaluation
  • Can be fixed firmly to the floor with screws
  • Hygienic cleaning thanks to stainless steel housing
Customizable & individual
  • Limit value and feedback text can be specified individually.
  • Each measurement situation is specified: typical scenarios are available as templates.
  • Ambient and time-of-day dependent parameters are easily configurable.
  • Extensions are possible via relay switching and web service
  • Delivery and commissioning is available upon request
  • Language variants: German and English

Companies and institutions strive to provide the best possible protection against infection for both their employees and public traffic. An important component in the safety concept is the automated and contactless detection of people with elevated body temperature. Filtering out potentially ill people with an elevated forehead temperature before they enter a building increases safety enormously. There is also the principle that persons with a fever should generally not be in such establishments. The German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs recommends in the "Handlungsanweisungen für Verdachtsfälle" (Action instructions for suspected cases, SARS-CoV-2 Occupational safety standard 04/2020) a non-contact fever measurement as a suitable measure for rapid detection.

With its automated, non-contact temperature evaluation, the HEATDEC temperature measurement system enables simple detection with excellent result quality as the basis for targeted and rapid initiation of further measures.

In addition to use in the workplaces, the system is suitable wherever special care is required, such as hospitals and care facilities.


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Temperature Screening with HEATDEC

HEATDEC-Pro temperature measurement device, line drawing

Technical Data HEATDEC-Pro

EnclosureStainless Steel
Weight33 kg
Protection classIP44
Operating temperature range+10 °C to +40 °C (optional with heating -15 °C to + 40 °C)