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Explosive gas and dust atmospheres are a special challenge in fire protection.

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Fire Detectors with Explosion Protection

Our ADICOS fire detectors are also available in variants for use in potentially explosive gas and dust atmospheres. They are type-tested or approved according to the ATEX Directives or IECEx Scheme. ADICOS fire detectors for potentially explosive atmospheres are technologically and structurally designed to ensure reliable fire detection despite high dust and gas concentrations. They are designed differently for ATEX zones 0 to 2 (gases) and 20 to 22 (dusts), i.e. depending on the probability and duration of the occurrence of an explosive atmosphere.

Fire gas detection in potentially explosive atmospheres

ADICOS fire gas detectors of the type GSME are integrated with their sensors in an aluminum die-cast housing. The gases pass through a sintered metal filter via diffusion to the sensor elements. A robust and dust-tight design is thus achieved. A type-tested housing variant is available for areas endangered by dust explosion.

Infrared detection in potentially explosive atmospheres

The infrared detectors of the HOTSPOT product line are each available in variants for use in gas or dust explosive atmospheres. They are either approved by manufacturer’s declaration or certified according to ATEX directive or IECEx Scheme. Due to their robust design and small size, the detectors are ideally suited for use even in difficult installation environments.

Application fields

Zones that are at risk of explosion exist in many areas of industry, trade and craft: for example in silos, bunkers and coal transport systems, in power plants and chemical parks, with wood pellets, plasterboard, grain or similar materials and systems. An explosive atmosphere can be present partly continuously or for a long time, for example due to high dust exposure. Sometimes even the smallest amounts of flammable substances, liquids, gases, vapors or dusts pose a risk.

ATEX directives and zones

ATEX stands for ATmosphères EXplosibles and includes two European Union directives for explosion protection: the ATEX Product Directive 2014/34/EU and the ATEX Operational Directive 1999/92/EC. They are mandatory for equipment and systems in potentially explosive atmospheres. In addition, the IECEx certification system applies. Furthermore, DIN EN 60079-0, -14, -31 or VDE 0165 and VDE 0170 apply.

The permissible application fields for ADICOS fire detectors

Areas in plants and structures in which an explosive atmosphere may develop are classified into different zones according to the ATEX directives, depending on how frequently and permanently this hazardous atmosphere occurs. ATEX zones 0, 1 and 2 apply to gases and are equivalent to zones 20, 21 and 22 for dusts. We offer our different ADICOS detectors for the different ATEX zones depending on the gas or dust hazard.

ADICOS fire detectors, table for the application fields depending on the explosion hazard according to ATEX zone

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