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Force Measurement Device for Grippers and in Confined Gaps

The CBSF-XS force gauge is part of the CoboSafe family and is designed for cases where only confined gaps are available for measurement. This applies, for example, to determining the forces of grippers when used in human-robot collaboration (HRC). The measurement device's extremely small dimensions also allow it to be placed in narrow gaps. In the form of a light ring the optical signal transmitter provides information about the operating status of the measurement device so that you no longer have to directly observe the display. Additionally, the measurement data can be transferred both wirelessly or via USB cable to the PC and then be checked. This makes it possible to repeat measurements with new parameters without having to repeatedly reposition the measurement device.

  • The storage capacity is at least 100 individual measurements.
  • Smallest dimensions
  • Integrated display
  • Luminous border for status display
  • Simple operation
  • User-friendly menu navigation
  • Prepared for pressure measurement with CBSF-Scan
  • Can be used with CBSF-Vision software
Application fields

The device is not only suitable for use in HRC applications, but its small design also makes it very versatile. The CBSF-75-XS is particularly well suited for measuring closing edge forces in confined gaps.

  • K1 damping element to simulate the biofidelity of the human body
  • Articulated arm (articulated stand) with mounting adapter for positioning and correct alignment of the CBSF-XS force gauge

CoboSafe CBSF-XS product presentation

The CBSF-XS is characterized by its small measuring tip height. This means that force measurements can be carried out even in small, confined gap widths (> 10 mm). Combined with the compression element and the CoboSafe-Scan pressure measurement system, it is also possible to perform a biofidel measurement.

CoboSafe-CBSF-XS, application example, risk of finger clamping
CoboSafe Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration MRK, Anwendung mit Cobot

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Force and Pressure Measurement System CoboSafe

CoboSafe is a force andpressure measuring system that evaluates the transient and quasi-static forces and pressures on collaborating robots. The easy-to-use system has a modular design, and it includes force measurement devices, a pressure measurement set, and evaluation software to verify compliance with the required threshold values. A different combination of force measurement devices and pressure measurement sets can be put together as needed.

CoboSafe CBSF-XS, front, line drawing diagonal

Technical Data CBSF-XS

Dimension140 mm x 65 mm x 15 mm (L x W x H)
Measuring surface350 mm²
Measuring range20 ... 280 N
Spring constant75 N/mm (CBSF-XS-75)