Publicly Accessible Areas

Safety in Public Spaces

Our products and solutions are often used in public areas and buildings to ensure the traffic and usage safety of properties, buildings, and systems.

GMG sliding friction testers in public spaces, floors must be slip resistant

Floors must be slip resistant

Our GMG-200 helps building owners, architects, and employers assess slip hazards from unsafe floor coverings, e.g., in entrances, counter halls, stores, and other areas. This helps meet legal obligations to ensure safety.

GTE temperature measurement technology, HEATDEC, temperature screening in public, thermometer, illustration

Fever screening and access control

HEATDEC measures the body temperatures of people in access areas. It is fully automated and optimally suited for access control and personal locks within the scope of hygiene concepts, e.g., in institutions, vaccination centers, public buildings, and all areas with public traffic.


Safety of automated doors

Safety is controllable

Universal controls such as the frequency converter control FST and the reversing contactor control WST have proven themselves to be especially useful not only for gate controls, but also for pool covers in swimming pool technology and in ventilation and elevator technology.


Early warning of fire risks

The ADICOS industrial fire detection technology is especially useful when environmental conditions are difficult. This applies not only to industrial applications, but also to the early detection of fires in public areas like ferries or historical buildings. Our ADICOS specialists also are involved in various research projects here.

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