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Early fire detection in recycling plants is complex and demanding.

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Fire Detection in Recycling Plants

As versatile as recycling plants and the materials to be processed there are, as complex and wide-ranging are the hazards. Our extensive product range of ADICOS fire detectors covers a wide variety of challenges here: harsh ambient conditions and interference, bulk material or moving sources of danger – right up to the risk of explosion. We advise our customers from the recycling industry and develop detection concepts together with them.

Bulk material and moving hazards

Monitoring recycling facilities with their typical open-air warehouses, large halls, shredders and storage boxes is challenging. Harsh conditions caused by dust, exhaust fumes, dirt, humidity and fog make work difficult. Added to this are heat buildup, embers, heat and flying sparks. Fire gases and other gases also occur.

Despite clearly defined specifications for pre-sorted recycling material, dangers cannot be ruled out: The delivered material may already contain embers. Improperly disposed objects may also be present, which ignite when exposed to mechanical impact. Based on experience, we recommend monitoring at all stations – from delivery to removal.

Typical causes

The causes of unexpected overheating and fires are as complex and varied as the recycling plants and the materials processed: self-igniting parts, flammable liquids, hot-running, overheated drives and motors, friction or defects in plant components – up to the risk of explosion, often in contact with large quantities of flammable material.

Special feature: Batteries in the Shredder

Especially wrongly disposed accumulators and batteries are risky. They overheat due to a “thermal runaway” and represent a dangerous source of ignition. During further transport, they are often buried by other material. In this situation, an incipient fire is not detectable.

Increased Dangers

Delivery | Storage

Adicos Anlieferung, Lagerung überwachung

Handover Conveyor Belt

Adicos Förderbandüberwachung

Processing: Shredder

Adicos Förderbandüberwachung

During transport on conveyor belts, sources of danger move quickly from one position to the next. In the area of delivery and removal, false alarms can be caused by exhaust gases and exhaust pipes from vehicles. In storage, static sources of fire and bulk goods are particularly dangerous. In processing, danger is mainly due to mechanical action or movement, e.g. during unpacking, shredding, shaking, separating or pressing.

ADICOS fire detection system in a recycling plant, process sequences, schematic sketch

Customized solutions are required

Many causes are not immediately recognizable in recycling plants. Even small ignition sources can quickly have major effects. Numerous disturbance variables make detection difficult. The powerful and robust ADICOS fire detectors are particularly suitable for these applications. Thanks to their high response speed, infrared fire detectors from the HOTSPOT series are ideal for detecting moving parts, e.g. on the conveyor belt directly after shredding. Dangerous parts such as heated batteries are discovered quickly and can therefore be removed in good time. Fire gas sensors of the GSME series are also used. They notice open fires and smoldering fires and are able to differentiate between disturbing but harmless gases from dangerous, fire-characteristic gases.

ADICOS fire detection technology, recycling plant with two conveyor belts

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