Detect Sources of Fire at an Early Stage, Prevent Fire Damage

Humid and dusty industrial environments require technology that offers far more than conventional smoke detectors.

Industrial Fire Detection
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Industrial Fire Detection

The ADICOS system ensures reliable early detection of fires – especially under adverse environmental conditions. In industrial plants or hazardous areas at risk of explosion, but also in historic buildings, it provides safety and prevents damage in good time. Our ADICOS fire detectors are a solution especially when dust and moisture, smoke and exhaust fumes are the order of the day: e.g. in power plants, recycling plants, steel mills, silos, storage and production facilities. Whether embers, smoldering or glowing fires, open or concealed fires, overheated or ignited parts – two different detector types are available:

Our fire gas detectors detect typical fire-critical gases.  Our thermal imaging cameras use infrared measurement technology to detect embers and smoldering fires as early as the development phase. Combined with the associated system technology and system software, they form a flexible, expandable complete solution designed to meet the high requirements of fire protection concepts for industrial and special buildings.