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Force Tester


The KMG-T force measuring device determines the dynamic and static forces as well as the temporal progression of force effects on closing edges of automatically operated doors, gates, and barriers. It is a smooth-running tool for simple maintenance checks. At the same time, in its extended operating mode, it supports manufacturers, installers, and experts in comprehensive gate inspections, for example, according to testing regulations after a new installation. Handy and comfortable to operate, the Two-in-one device immediately displays the measurement curve on the large display after the measurement.

KMG-T at a glance
  • Force Testers with direct evaluation
  • Instant display of the measurement curve
  • Large display with illuminated LCD display
  • Cloud solution and analysis software available for PC
  • With wireless module
  • Windows compatible
  • USB-C connection
  • High-quality, robust design
  • Automatic measurement for series
  • Large measurement memory for 372 individual measurements
Application fields

Easy to use for mandatory inspections according to ASR A 1.7, while also being a reliable device for quality assurance for manufacturers or during new installations. Suitable for comprehensive verification of operational safety in accordance with applicable regulations and standards for gates, doors and barriers.

KMG-T is suitable for measurements according to EN 12453, EN 16005, EN16361, EN 17352, and ASR A 1.7, DHF protocol TS011 and TS012

Force Measurement Tester for all Purposes:
Service-Tool for Closing Force Measurement on Power-Operated Doors, Gates and Barriers
KMG-T im Einsatz

For mandatory maintenance tests

  • Tool for the profitable execution of measurement services for fitters, craftsmen and maintenance companies
  • Ideal for the annual maintenance inspection in accordance with German workplace regulation ASR A 1.7

Force Tester for Extensive Tests
Quality tests according to standards

  • User-friendly device for detailed quality control according to regulations
  • Automatic measurement mode for repeated measurements in series
  • Manual measurement mode for increased control over the measurement process

All-in-One: The new KMG-T

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Tecnical Data KMG-T

Dimensions, handle included245 mm x 80 mm x 50 mm (L x W x H)
Measuring surface80 mm Ø, Height 50 mm
Weight0,85 kg