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Storage facilities with highly combustible or flammable materials can be reliably protected by early fire detection.

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Early Fire Detection in Paper Warehouses

Early fire detection saves valuable time, keeps fire damage low and extinguishing damage manageable. Especially in paper warehouses, it prevents major damage and is efficient and economical.

The paper manufacturing company Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH uses our HOTSPOT-1000 infrared fire detectors. The thermal imaging cameras detect smoldering fires and open fires extremely quickly. 42 of our HOTSPOT-1000s are installed in a paper warehouse at the Bielefeld production facility. In the building, which measures around 100 m x 20 m, paper rolls of 2 m diameter and approx. 6 to 8 t in weight can be stacked, in some cases three to four high. More than 200 paper towers are possible. They are the starting material for further processing into surface-finished paper – for example into high-quality thermal paper, as required for receipt printing or tickets.

Typical causes o fires

Fires in paper warehouses can never be completely ruled out. They can be caused, among other things, by hot-running drives, fires in electrical installations and equipment, and also, for example, by heated parts of an overhead crane.

Increased dangers

Paper burns quickly. However, when rolls of paper are stacked high and close together, the risk is exacerbated: the chimney effect creates vertically directed air currents in the event of a fire. Air is drawn in from below, further igniting the fire.

Preventable consequences

If an early fire detection system is missing, high damages can occur in paper warehouses. A burned-down production facility means “worst case”. But extinguishing water is also destructive. The hall has to be pumped out, remaining paper rolls suffer water damage, and production losses and interruptions to the supply chain are added to the damage. The economic consequences can then be high.

ADICOS HOTSPOT-1000 at Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe


Fast and sophisticated early fire detection

In the paper warehouse, 42 HOTSPOT-1000 infrared detectors were installed under the hall ceiling. In combination with smoke detectors, they form a reliable early detection system. The thermal imaging cameras with intelligent signal evaluation can be freely parameterized and optimally adapted to the respective application.

Targeted placement of fire alarms

The fire alarms are specifically distributed over several areas of the hall so that it is easy to locate where there is a risk of fire. Extinguishing measures can thus be taken at an early stage within a manageable area, so that the remaining part of the hall can be spared, whether from fire spreading or also from extinguishing agent damage.

Alarming according to the multi-criteria principle

The fire detection system responds to two criteria: excessive temperature and impermissible smoke. If both the HOTSPOT-1000 infrared detectors and the smoke detectors respond, the system triggers an alarm.  It is possible and currently in preparation that it automatically controls a deluge fire extinguishing system.

Efficient, economical protection

Even in a relatively low-staff production environment, high material assets can be protected. Production downtimes and supply chain interruptions are avoided. The economic consequences of a fire remain low.

ADICOS fire detection technology, recycling plant with two conveyor belts

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