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Industrial IR Fire Detector for ATEX Zone 22 and 2


ADICOS HOTSPOT-X22/X2 are thermographic detectors for use in hazardous areas. Possible fields of application are now areas endangered by dust (ATEX zone 22) as well as by gas (ATEX zone 2). They are specially designed to meet the requirements of early fire detection in industrial applications. HOTSPOT-X22/X2 detectors are freely parameterizable infrared camera systems with integrated signal evaluation. Due to their robust, mechanical design, they are protected against the ingress of dust and moisture. They are suitable for process monitoring, especially overheating drives or bearings of conveyor systems, the monitoring of spontaneously inflammable bulk materials on conveyor belts or in storage facilities and in mixing processes in chemical engineering. In addition to the thermal imaging camera, the device is equipped with a conventional camera for easy alignment and commissioning.

  • Approved for ATEX zone 22 and 2
  • Robust design due to aluminum housing
  • High resistance to humidity and dust
  • Detection of embers
  • Extremely fast response
  • Separate alarm thresholds for up to 16 zones
  • Independent of building thermal conditions
  • Low wiring effort due to common data and power transmission in a pre-assembled cable
  • Central data acquisition and visualization via PC software
  • Can be integrated into existing fire alarm systems
  • Integrated purge air adapter
  • Also suitable for process monitoring
Application fields
  • Production sites for coal, biomass, wood, paper, plastic, substitute fuel, etc.
  • In storage facilities and bunkers with self-igniting materials
  • For drives, shredders, driers, chutes and hoppers
  • In silos and mills
  • In chemical industries

Mounting bracket

ADICOS fire detection technology, recycling plant with two conveyor belts

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HOTSPOT IR Heat Detectors

The detectors of the HOTSPOT product series are equipped with thermal imaging cameras and use infrared measurement technology and intelligent signal analysis to detect all types of smoldering fires and open fires, even in the incipient stage. The fast response speed of 100 milliseconds enables the monitoring of conveyor belts or other conveyor systems, e.g. on moving embers.

Technical Data HOTSPOT-X22/X2

Resolution:32 pixel x 31 pixel
Dimensions:128 mm x 100 mm x 90 mm (L x W x D)
Weight:2.3 kg (10 m cable included)
Detection angle:53° x 52°
Protection class:IP65
Explosion protection:II 3G Ex ec nA IIC T4 Gc
II 3D Ex tc IIIC T80°C Dc