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Force and pressure measurement systems for checking transient and quasi-static forces and pressures on collaborating robots

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CoboSafe-CBSF force measurement, Cobot hits damping element

Force and Pressure Measurement System


When companies use human-robot collaboration (HRC) in their workplaces, they must carry out a risk assessment and periodically check the system. One element in the risk assessment is the potential collision between the robot and a person. CoboSafe is a force and pressure measurement system for inspecting transient and quasi-static forces and pressures on collaborative robots. The easy-to-use system has a modular design and includes force measuring devices, a pressure measurement set and evaluation software to verify compliance with required limit values. A set of several force gauges and pressure measurement sets can be combined as desired.

Simple and efficient measurement - flexible production

The CoboSafe system combined force and pressure measurements can be easily adapted to individual tasks, and can be carried out quickly. For economical manufacturing at workstations with human-robot collaboration, risk assessment and validation of the process must also be easy and quick to implement. Periodic checking of the system is mandatory. After all, impact and clamping characteristics can change, e.g. due to modification, wear or component change. Every new workpiece that goes into series production creates new conditions – and risks that have to be evaluated.

Versatile equipment - tailor-made for every field of application

CoboSafe is a modular system: expandable and individually adaptable to the customer’s needs. For force measurement, in addition to the multi-part set of force testers CBSF, a hand-held device CBSF-Basic for simplified measurement and the particularly small CBSF-XS for measurements with only confined gaps are available.

Measurements of pressure loads can be made either using the CoboSafe-Scan pressure measurement film or with the CoboSafe-Tek set, which contains electronic foil sensors for pressure curves over time. The CoboSafe-Vision software provides visualization of the force curves and pressure recordings.

Safely comply with threshold values

CoboSafe works in a “biofidel” manner, i.e. it mimics the human body, and thus ensures realistic collision scenarios. The force testers of the measuring system contain springs and damping elements that can simulate the deformation behaviour of almost all relevant human body areas. This enables the measurement of biomechanical limit values according to the following standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 10218-2
  • ISO/TS 15066
  • DGUV information “FB HM-080”
  • RIA TR R15.806-2018 (Robotic Industries Association of the American National Standards Institute)

Human-robot collaboration (HRC) establishes itself wherever the robot as assistant promises more flexibility, reliability and economic efficiency. There is a steadily growing market with more and more possible applications. The collaboration between humans and robots is so efficient because there are no fences, safety areas or monitored zones that restrict effective work. For this reason, however, collisions between robots and people cannot be ruled out. To protect people, the collisions must not be painful or even lead to injuries. Therefore, pain thresholds were determined in a study and defined in standards as limit values for collision forces and pressures.

Brief Introduction

The CoboSafe force and pressure measuring system can easily and precisely determine the collision values on site and in practice. The measurements must be made on the application, as simulation is not possible. The development of the CoboSafe measuring devices was therefore based on practice. The result is force gauges with the smallest dimensions and low weight, which are therefore very easy to position. With them, users are mobile and ready to take measurements immediately.

CoboSafe Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration MRK, Anwendung mit Cobot

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