Our products are problem solvers in measurement, control, and fire detection technology.

GTE Industrieelektronik

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Our products are problem solvers in measurement, control and fire detection technology.

Our Portfolio

GTE Industrieelektronik’s product range is versatile and broadly diversified in the areas of measurement technology, control technology and fire detection technology. We produce and supply detectors, force and force-pressure measurement devices, sliding friction measurement devices, gate controls, and much more. We also offer the appropriate software and a wide range of accessories.

Our measurement technology  products frequently serve occupational safety requirements. The fields of application are: force measurements at closing edges on industrial gates, force-pressure measurements on collaborative robots, sliding friction measurement and temperature screenings. Our electronic controls and peripherals prove themselves in use on industrial gates or swimming pools. In addition, our ADICOS system allows for the early detection of embers and fire sources using gas detector or infrared fire detectors. This system is particularly useful in adverse industrial environments.


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