GMG-200 sliding friction tester, front
GMG-200 sliding friction tester, oblique view right
GMG-200 sliding friction tester, oblique view left
GMG-200 sliding friction tester, front
GMG-200 sliding friction tester, oblique view right
GMG-200 sliding friction tester, oblique view left

Sliding Friction Tester


Floor coverings must be slip-resistant.

The mobile GMG 200 measures the coefficient of sliding friction of floor coverings according to the applied standards and specifications. This product is both easy to use and ideal for assessing slip hazards for pedestrians on-site.

  • Mobile measuring device with battery operation
  • Robust design
  • Plain text display of the measured values
  • Automatic recognition of the slider material
  • Easy activation of the measuring mode via start button or foot control
  • Storage of up to 90 measurement curves
Standards and specifications
  • DIN EN 16165
  • DIN EN 13893
  • ANSI NFSI B101.3
  • DIN 51131
Scope of delivery
  • Transport case
  • GMG-200
  • Foot plate
  • Charger
  • Interface cable RS-232 to USB
  • Removal tool

According to EN ISO 16165 the person performing the test additionally must select a specific slider plate (rubber or rubber-leather-mix) and, if necessary, a lubricant as the accessories, depending on the floor covering.


Evaluate Slip Hazards On-Site

Architects, builders, property owners and employers can use the GMG-200 sliding friction tester to assess the slip-resistant properties of floor coverings. GTE Industrieelektronik developed the measuring device in cooperation with the Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institut für Arbeitsschutz (BIA, German Professional Association Institute for Occupational Safety).

It is suitable for measurements to determine the coefficient of sliding friction of floor coverings in accordance with the standards EN 16165, EN 13893, ANSI NFSI B101.3, and DIN 51131. The GMG-200 is ideal for on-site floor testing. It enables users to assess the risk of slipping under current conditions in accordance with the publication of Germany's statutory accident insurance DGUV Information 208-041. This enables you to prevent falls and avoid insurance claims.

Standardized Test Procedure

The device is placed and started on the test surface by the tester and then pulls itself over the surface to be tested on a glider at a constant speed specified in the standard. The GMG-200 then records the tensile force required for this, which depends on the coefficient of sliding friction of the floor. It records the values and calculates the average sliding friction value of the surface over 0.3 or 0.5 m, depending on the standard. The measurements should to be taken at representative locations on the ground. Five individual measurement runs must be recorded for each measurement series, and three of these five runs are then combined to form a test cycle. After the data is transferred to a PC, the GMG-Vision software then takes over the rest of the evaluation.

Danger Zone - Wet Floor

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GMG-200 sliding friction tester, line drawing

Technical Data GMG-200

Dimensions, handle included160 mm x 200 mm x 150 mm (L x W x H)
Measuring surface11,25 mm²
Weight10.000 g ± 100 g