Safety can be measured.

Simple and reliable measuring systems are indispensable in occupational safety.

Measurement Technology
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It’s All about the Right Analysis

Our measurement technology solutions serve the safety of people in the workplace and the protection of plants and buildings, e.g. by force measurements on doors and gates, force and pressure measurements on cobots, sliding friction measurements of floor coverings and temperature measurements in fever screening. Beyond the simple gathering of measured values, our systems work effectively to evaluate and validate your applications and fields of use, i.e. not only measure, but also evaluate and assess them with regard to risk and suitability in accordance with applicable standards and regulations.

Our intuitive software tools allow you to manage and process the data, evaluate it according to standards and assess it in relation to the application. In this way, you can quickly and easily find out with our measurement systems whether your application is safe and reliable according to valid rules and regulations.

Cobosafe in HRC, Human-Robot Collaboration, danger, hand on the Cobot gripper

Force and Pressure Measurement System CoboSafe

The CoboSafe force and pressure measurement system can be used to validate transient and quasi-static forces and pressures on collaborating robots. This is proof of safety for HRC applications.

Hangar at night, exterior, with rolling gates

Force Testers for Doors & Gates

The force gauges from the KMG series are designed for standard-compliant force measurement on closing edges of power-operated and automatic doors and gates.

People walking along a fair entrance

Temperature Screening

The HEATDEC intelligent temperature measurement device provides reliable, automated fever screening in access areas.

Warning sign about danger of slipping in a building corridor

Sliding Friction Testers

The GMG-200 measures the sliding friction and thus the slip resistance of floor coverings. In this way accidents can be avoided and compliance with specified threshold values can be easily demonstrated.

Quality Assurance by Maintenance and Calibration

Measuring devices should generally be calibrated and adjusted at regular intervals. We offer a comprehensive calibration service for our measuring equipment. This service not only includes the required calibration, but also the adjustment.

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Measurement Technology