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System Software

The ADICOS system software enables convenient, computer-supported visualization of all measurement data and states of the ADICOS detectors. Fault and alarm messages are clearly displayed and their chronological sequence is documented.

The ADICOS system software displays all information about the status of the entire system in an overview. Optionally, graphics can be integrated as an overview of the entire plant. This enables an exact spatially resolved visualization of the system.

  • Representation of the chronological sequence of the fault and alarm messages
  • Display of the gas concentration or temperature curves
  • Log list with an overview of alarms or faults
  • Password-protected data and program sections
Application fields
  • Management of large amounts of data so that every significant point in time can easily be found over the entire period
  • Documentation and analysis of fire incidents
  • Optimal adaptation of the alarm thresholds to changing background loads or disturbances

The fault and alarm messages are displayed and documented along with their chronological sequence. In addition, the gas concentration or temperature curves of the individual lead gases for all devices of the fire alarm system can be displayed in selectable time periods. A log list within the program provides an overview of past events.

All security-relevant data and program parts are password-protected. For control purposes, the measured values and statuses of all devices can be accessed from the beginning of commissioning. The program provides convenient tools for managing this large amount of data, so that every significant point in time can easily be found over the entire period. The stored data can also be used to document and analyze fire incidents and to optimally adapt the alarm thresholds to changing background loads or disturbances.

For special custom applications, it is possible to individually adapt the program to customer-specific requirements.

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