Safely Controlling and Closing Industrial Gates

With universal controls and devices for force measurement at closing edges, we ensure the safe and reliable operation of power-operated and automatic doors, gates and barriers.

Measurement & Control Technology

Industry Solutions

Power-Operated Gates and Doors

The requirements for door and gate systems are particularly high in industrial or commercial environments. There are numerous variants of doors and gates: vertically or horizontally movable, e.g. lifting, tilting, up-and-over doors, sectional doors, rolling grilles and sliding gates, high-speed gates or sound-insulating doors. Door and gate systems are mainly power-operated when access needs to be comfortable or barrier-free, but also when air conditioning must be maintained. Fast opening and closing times maintain hall temperatures and allow the loading process to run smoothly. Two aspects are of central importance for smooth operation: safety and functionality.

Hangar at night, exterior, with rolling gates

Safety at the Closing Edge

There is a considerable potential hazard at power-operated door and gate systems that are operated remotely or automatically. People can be bumped and even crushed by the closing edge of the moving door. To ensure safety for people, the closing forces must be measured and verified. The force gauges from the KMG series are designed for standard-compliant closing force measurement on power-operated and automatic doors and gates.

Schnelltor Lagerhallte Torsteuerung FST-150

Reliable Gate Controls

GTE Industrieelektronik GmbH develops electronic gate controls for a wide range of applications. These include compact controls with frequency converters or reversing contactors for all common types of gates and barriers. A wealth of experience acquired over many decades ensures an extraordinary level of quality and stability, but also allows scope for solid special applications and creative special solutions.

GTE Industrieelektronik GmbH