Customized Electronics Development

Our development department is continuously working on innovations and solutions. Customized and tailor-made.

Electronics Development

Customers want good products – and even more good solutions

GTE Industrieelektronik has been successfully following this maxim for over 30 years. The high diversity and competitiveness of our customers confirm us on this path. Competent development work and production offers based on many years of experience in the electronics sector are our strength. Driven by the needs of our customers and the participation in research projects, innovations are created again and again and are established in the industrial or public environment. These include our ADICOS industrial fire detection systems, our control systems for doors, gates, barriers or swimming pool covers. In measurement technology, it is our Force-Pressure Measuring Systems, e.g. CoboSafe for human-robot collaboration or our force testers KMG for closing edges of automatic doors, gates and barriers. We listen, want to know exactly what you need and work intensively with you on innovative and efficient solutions. Our products should be easy to operate and simple to use.

Broadly positioned teams – everything at first hand

Our development engineers work in small, variable teams and are universally positioned. They are responsible for the conception, design and production offers of electronic circuits and devices from GTE. Short communication channels and the direct line from developer to client are important to us. Only in this way dynamic, creative and at the same time efficient processes are created.

Software and simulation tools

Our developers are proficient in all major software tools: in e-design Altium Designer with interface to the customer (A365 platform), in m-design SolidWorks. Programming languages are Ansi C, C++, C#, Python, Java, Visual Basic, Labview under the operating systems Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android or IOS. For circuit simulation and system modeling PSpice, Matlab Simulink, SimulationXpress or Flow Simulation are used. This is only a small selection. According to the requirements, we are continuously deal with new tools.

Iterative development style

We design products from the beginning and not from the end. As part of our guided development process, we work iteratively: we contact customers and users, get feedback and continuously optimize until the product is ready for use. We react elastically to sudden changes in requirements and adapt accordingly.

One of our strengths is a high level of error resilience, because we maintain an active error culture: Errors are a natural part of a development process. That’s why we iterate and are basically prepared to deal with unexpected challenges – for customers and developers alike.

Support throughout the Product Life Cycle

We consider ourselves responsible for our products and inventions. This begins with the initial idea and extends to the end of service throughout the entire product life cycle. Many of our products are “long-distance runners” – that’s what they are designed for. Sustainability and long-term availability of products are important concerns for us. Changes in the market and technical progress require from time to time an adaption of the devices to current standards or material availability. We are there for you even after several years of product use, keeping your products up to date and securing supply chains. In other words: As long as a device is in use, we are available for you as a contact partner!

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