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CoboSafe-Scan pressure measuring set, Fujifilm Fi-65F

Pressure Measurement Set


The CoboSafe-Scan set is based on FUJIFILM Prescale pressure measurement films and enables the recording of pressure distribution and maximum pressure. The films react to pressure and show the pressure distribution. The pressure force is indicated by the intensity of the discolouration on Prescale films from Fujifilm. Using a scanner and a calibration sheet developed for this purpose, the pressure image is imported into the CoboSafe-Vision software and evaluated automatically.

Results display
  • Pressure distribution in colour grades
  • Highest pressure value
Application fields

Evaluation of the permissible pressures in human-robot collaboration as long as the applications are not predominantly speed-oriented.

Scope of delivery
  • Scanner including power supply and USB transfer cable
  • Calibration sheet
  • Roll of pressure measurement film (type A) LLW
  • Roll of pressure measurement film (type C) developer

Optionally available: Roll of pressure measurement film (type A) LW

CoboSafe Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration MRK, Anwendung mit Cobot

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Force and Pressure Measurement System CoboSafe

CoboSafe is a force andpressure measuring system that evaluates the transient and quasi-static forces and pressures on collaborating robots. The easy-to-use system has a modular design, and it includes force measurement devices, a pressure measurement set, and evaluation software to verify compliance with the required threshold values. A different combination of force measurement devices and pressure measurement sets can be put together as needed.

Cobosafe CBSF TEK Fujitsu fi-65F Flachbettscanner

Technical Data CBSF

Measuring inaccuracytyp. ± 10 % or less (measured at 23 °C, 65 % RH)
Temperature range+20 … +35 °C
Relative humidity35 … ~80 % r. F.
Measuring range film LLW50 … 250 N/cm²
Measuring range film LW250 … 1000 N/cm²