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ADICOS-GTL-3, GSME-Tester, vertical
ADICOS-GTL-3, GSME-Tester, oblique right
ADICOS-GTL-3, GSME-Tester, oblique left
ADICOS-GTL-3, GSME-Tester, vertical
ADICOS-GTL-3, GSME-Tester, oblique right
ADICOS-GTL-3, GSME-Tester, oblique left

Test Device for GSME


With the GTL-3, the ADICOS specialists have developed a test device that can be used for functional testing of all GSME fire gas detectors. For this purpose, the fire-typical gases are released in a controlled manner.

  • Robust housing
  • Easy handling
  • Generation of typical fire gas components
  • Compactness of the tester simplifies the testing process
  • Practical transport case included in delivery
Application fields
  • Functional tests with the GTL-3 tester comply with the application rules for the installation and operation of fire alarm systems according to DIN 14675-1.
  • Battery and quick charger
  • Telescopic pole

In order to test the functionality of the GSME fire gas detectors, the typical fire gases can be released with a test device. This could be done by dosing a “cocktail” of various gases from a test gas cylinder. However, there are some difficulties here in practice. In particular, to excite the hydrocarbon sensor, components are required that do not have the necessary vapor pressure and therefore cannot be kept in pressurized gas cylinders. So the alternative way of directly generating the typical gas components with a glowing smoldering stick is chosen. All GSME types respond to the pyrolysis gases that are generated in the test device.

The test device GTL-3 is designed as an attachment for the widely used detector test system solo ™ from detectortesters. It consists of a fire chamber in which special smoldering stick are carbonized in a controlled manner. They release the gas mixture required to trigger the GSME fire alarm in sufficient concentration. A controlled draft of air supplies the smoldering fire generated in the test device with fresh air.

The GTL-3 is mounted on the telescopic pole of the solo ™. The battery is located in the handle. After ignition, the gas funnel of the GTL-3 test device is pressed against the front of the detector to be tested. This causes the fire gases to reach the sensors of the GSME detector. The system is very compact, enables better handling and significantly simplifies the testing of GSME detectors.

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ADICOS-GTL-3, GSME-Tester, line draw

Technical Data GTL-3

Dimensions:430 mm x 90 mm (L x Ø)
Protection class:IP40
Maximum operating time:3.5 h
Operating voltage:7.2 V