KMG Force Testers for Doors & Gates

The force testers of the KMG series can be used to evaluate the closing forces of automatic and power-operated doors and gates.

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KMG Force Testers for Doors, Gates and Barriers

Closing edges on power-operated door and gate systems that are operated remotely or automatically contain a significant potential hazard. People can be bumped and even crushed by the closing edge of the moving door. If a collision occurs, the forces must not exceed prescribed thresholds. GTE Industrieelektronik GmbH has specialized in the measurement of forces on power-operated doors and gates for over 20 years and offers a proven package for force measurement. The KMG-2000-G is the powerful all-rounder, which is preferred by door and gate builders, drive manufacturers and technical experts. The KMG-Lite is a fitter’s measuring device and optimally suited for quick use during installation and maintenance work.

Application fields

Checking the closing forces are part of the annual door and gate inspection. This applies to the most diverse types of doors and gates: vertically or horizontally movable, e.g. lifting, tilting, up-and-over doors, sectional doors, rolling grilles and roller gates, high-speed doors, sound insulation doors, lifting windows, machine enclosures and gates for equipment rooms.  The safety of use of a power-operated door and gate system can be evaluated and guaranteed in accordance with standards using devices, software and accessories from the KMG series.

Maintenance according to standards

The force measuring devices of the KMGfamily fully comply with the requirements of standardization – but also with practical requirements. The safety of use of a power-operated door and gate system can thus be evaluated and guaranteed in accordance with the standards. EN 12453, EN 16005, the workplace regulation ASR A1.7 and the DHF protocols TS011 and TS012 apply.


Evaluation software KMG-Vision.

Regular calibration

The force testers must be calibrated at least once a year.

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