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KMG-Lite force gauge, front
KMG-Lite force gauge, front view diagonally right
KMG-Lite force gauge, front view diagonally left
KMG-Lite force gauge, front
KMG-Lite force gauge, front view diagonally right
KMG-Lite force gauge, front view diagonally left

Force Tester


The KMG-Lite force tester is the most widely used measuring device for determining the closing forces on power-operated and automatic doors, gates and barriers. Installers and maintenance companies use it to measure closing forces when servicing power-operated and automatic doors, gates and barriers.  It is robust, self-explanatory and easy to use.

KMG-Lite at a glance
  • Measuring device with integrated evaluation
  • Ideal for maintenance testing according to British DHF protocols TS011, TS012 and German directive ASR A 1.7
  • User-friendly operation
  • Automatic evaluation of the force curve
  • Duplicating pad for easy logging of measured values
  • Optional app for visualization and documentation
  • Overload protection
Application fields

The German Social Accident Insurance (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung DGUV) recommends the device for regular testing of commercially used door and gate systems in accordance with the workplace directive ASR A1.7. The device is also suitable for measurements in accordance with EN 12453, EN 16005, EN 17352 and the DHF protocols TS011 and TS012.

  • Maintenance & calibration

Measurement results in next to no time

The device is ready for measurement immediately after being switched on. The force measurement starts automatically when a force of more than 20 N is applied. After the measurement time of five seconds has elapsed, the measurement result of the individual measurement is displayed. The result shows the maximum force application Fd, the time of force application Td over 150 N and the final force Fe. The measured values can be called up one after the other by pressing a key. This makes it very easy to perform and evaluate the measurement on site. The measurement data is logged on the enclosed duplicating pad.

KMG-Lite, application, force measurement on a gate, close up
App KMG-Lite
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If the KMG-Lite measuring device is equipped with a wireless module, visualization and documentation can also be carried out via the free KMG-Lite app. The mobile app simplifies the storage of your measurement data and transfer of the report to your client. Your Smartphone or tablet connects wirelessly to the KMG-Lite and forwards the measured values directly to the app. In combination with the order information, a standard-compliant protocol is created, which can be sent immediately as a PDF file by e-mail. With activated location detection, the report contains the location data as a map or as a QR code. The app is available as a free download via App Store or Google Play.

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KMG-Lite force gauge, line drawing

Technical Data KMG-Lite

Dimensions250 mm x 80 mm x 50 mm (L x W x H)
Measuring surface80 mm Ø, Height 50 mm
InterfaceUSB (wireless for units with BT module)
Weight1000 g