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ADICOS GSME-X20 fire gas detector, front
ADICOS GSME-X20 fire gas detector, front view oblique from right
ADICOS GSME-X20 fire gas detector, front view oblique from left,
ADICOS GSME-X20 fire gas detector, front
ADICOS GSME-X20 fire gas detector, front view oblique from right
ADICOS GSME-X20 fire gas detector, front view oblique from left,

Fire Gas Detector for Areas with High Risk of Explosion


The GSME-X20 fire gas detector is designed for areas with a particularly high risk of explosion. It works in exactly the same way as the GSME-M4 fire gas detector, but is equipped for hazards caused by dust explosion. The four parameterizable semiconductor gas sensors detect open and concealed smoldering fires already in the incipient stage. Interference is tolerated by multi-criteria selection.

  • Type-tested for ATEX zone 20 and 21
  • Robust design due to aluminum enclosure
  • Highest moisture and dust resistance due to diffusion filter technology
  • Extremely safe against spurious alarms thanks to parameterizable sensitivity of all sensor elements
  • Smoldering fire detection already in the incipient stage
  • Sensor evaluation and sensitivity can be adapted to the application environment
  • Low wiring effort due to common data and power transmission in a pre-assembled cable
  • Can be integrated into existing fire alarm systems
Application fields

ATEX zones 20 and 21 in:

  • Enclosed conveyance sites for dust explosive materials
  • Storage facilities and bunkers for self-igniting materials with explosion protection classification
  • Drives, crushers, dryers, coolers, chutes and conveyor hoppers
  • Silos and mills

Robust and type-tested

In many industrial plants, the ATEX Directive 1999/92/EC applies to certain areas with a risk of explosion. Electrical equipment may only be operated with the appropriate approval. This also applies to fire detection technology. For this reason, the GSME fire gas detector type X20 is available in a type-tested version according to ATEX product directive 2014/34/EU as well as IECEx. It is approved for operation in particularly explosive dust atmospheres of zones 20 to 21 according to the ATEX directive.

ADICOS fire detection technology, industrial plant, conveyor belt rollers

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GSME Fire Gas Detectors

ADICOS GSME ("Gas Sensor Detection Units") are compact fire gas detectors for early detection of all types of concealed and open fires - and that already in the incipient stage. Highly sensitive yet robust and extremely safe against spurious alarms, they are ideal for fire gas detection in industrial environments. Four parameterizable semiconductor gas sensors monitor and evaluate the concentration curve of fire-characteristic gases according to multi-criteria technology. This enables the GSME detectors to distinguish real fires from interference signals. With the ADICOS software, all detector states and concentration curves can be displayed graphically. Sensitivities as well as alarm thresholds can be parameterized individually for each detector. The GSME fire gas detectors can be used in almost any indoor plant area, taking into account the air flow conditions.

ADICOS GSME-X20 fire gas detector, line draw

Technical Data GSME-X20

Gas sensors:CO | H₂ | HC | NOx
Dimensions:152 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm (L x W x D) (Length with cable gland and signal dome)
Weight:2.2 kg (10 m cable included)
Protection class:IP64
Explosion protection:Ex ta IIIC 105°C Da / IP6x