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Force and Pressure Measurement System for Collaborative Robots


The automation of production processes using industrial robots has had a lasting impact on the manufacturing landscape in the past. For many manufacturing processes, the optimum degree of automation will continue to be a middle course between full automation and manual work in the future, which will focus on the aspect of occupational safety in this human-robot collaboration (HRC). The concept of separating protective fences requires more space and thus has a negative impact on the economic efficiency of this manufacturing option.
However, in human-robot collaboration (HRC) without separating protective devices, collisions between humans and robots cannot be ruled out. Thus, the HRC sector places special demands on collision prevention and detection. Torque monitoring and force limitation must achieve a level of protection similar to that provided by alternative protective fences.
The permissible limit values according to ISO/TS 15066 for force and pressure (or according to the specifications of the Robotic Industries Association of the American National Standards Institute RIA TR R15.806-2018) ensure the safe operation of HRC workstations and must be observed.

The force-pressure measuring system CoboSafe is an easy-to-use instrument for verifying compliance with required limit values by combined force-pressure measurements and their evaluation.

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  • Force Measurement: CoboSafe-CBSF

    For each of the nine spring constants according to ISO/TS 15066, one aluminum made calibrated force transducer is immediately available and ready for measuring without any further preparation. The heart of the force transducer is the Piezo force sensor with linear-guided measuring mechanism which guarantees optimum measuring accuracy and reproducibility. The force gauge is equipped with integrated electronics for the evaluation and storage of the values measured. The storage capacity is up to 100 single measurements. The transient and quasi-static values are represented via the display. Data are transferred wireless, or alternatively by USB interface. In this way, the force transducers are very easy to position and the data is immediately visible on the PC or another external display screen.

    Further Explanation


    Safely comply with limit values ​​in non-priority speed-oriented applications.


    The CBSF-75 Gripper enables the verification of static and dynamic gripper clamping forces on collaborating robots.

    Pressure Measurement

    For pressure measurement either a simple set (CoboSafe-Scan) based on pressure measuring foils or the more demanding pressure measuring method (CoboSafe-Tek) based on electronic foil sensors are available:


    The set CoboSafe-Scan is based on Fujifilm Prescale measurement films. It records the pressure distribution and the maximum pressure.
    The films react to the pressure and display the pressure distribution. The pressure force is determined by the intensity of the discoloration of the pressure measuring films. Using a scanner and a calibration-sheet, the pressure image is imported into the Software CoboSafe-Vision and evaluated automatically. The imported pressure film is converted into pressure values and the pressure image and maximum pressure are displayed as a result. The set includes a scanner, a calibration-sheet and films.


    The set CoboSafe-Tek supplies via electronic film sensors next to maximum pressure and pressure distribution also a pressure curve measurement.
    The system is particularly suitable for applications which require very detailed results. The collision pressure is recorded as a “film”. By means of synchronization on the force curve, the pressure values and the pressure distribution can be determined and visualized for the required transient and static pressure. The system will show all four measured values according to ISO/TS 15066. It comprises various film sensors, a handle for picking up the films and a hub (interface). The film sensors can be reused several times and consist of ultra-thin circuit boards with circuits and pressure sensitive cells.

    Software CoboSafe-Vision

    The CoboSafe-Vision software visualises the measured force curves and pressure images. It calculates and determines the values for the transient and quasi-static forces, and for the maximum pressure value.
    An assessment of the pressure image is possible by means of the two and three-dimensional representation, as well as by using the filters. An individual reporting option is also intended, such as csv-export output.

    Further Information

    For more information or a personal consultation please contact us on info@gte.de

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