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CoboSafe-Tek pressure measurement set with hub and handles with electronic foil sensors

Pressure Measurement Set


The CoboSafe-Tek set provides maximum pressure and pressure distribution as well as a pressure curve via electronic foil sensors. This system is particularly well-suited for applications that require very detailed results. The collision pressure is recorded as a 'video'. By synchronising to the force curve, the pressure values and the pressure distribution for the required transient and static pressure can be determined and visualised. With this system, all requirements can be fully visualized. It consists of various film sensors, a handle for holding the foils and a hub (interface). The film sensors are ultra-thin, flexible circuit boards with circuitry and pressure-sensitive cells that can be used repeatedly.

Results display
  • Pressure curve (collision pressure as "video")
  • Pressure distribution for the transient and static pressure
  • Evaluation and visualization via PC software CoboSafe-Vision
Application fields
  • For demanding human-robot collaboration applications that are speed-oriented and where high cycle times are desired.
  • HRC applications that require threshold values for both static and transient pressures to be determined very precisely and displayed in a video.
Scope of delivery
  • Hub
  • Handle
  • Various films
CoboSafe Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration MRK, Anwendung mit Cobot

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Force and Pressure Measurement System CoboSafe

CoboSafe is a force andpressure measuring system that evaluates the transient and quasi-static forces and pressures on collaborating robots. The easy-to-use system has a modular design, and it includes force measurement devices, a pressure measurement set, and evaluation software to verify compliance with the required threshold values. A different combination of force measurement devices and pressure measurement sets can be put together as needed.

CoboSafe-Tek pressure measurement set, line drawing

Technical Data Coboafe-Tek

Pressure sensor types5 different types: 5 verschiedene Typen: 9500; 5051; 5151; 5101; 5027
Measurement inaccuracy< 10 %
Pressure rangesDepending on sensor: 242 N/cm², 345 N/cm² and 827 N/cm²
Sensors per cm²Between 3,9/cm² and 248,0/cm²