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The WST-18 is a solid reversing contactor control for all common gate types. Similar to the FST, the WST also focuses on simple, flexible installation and ease of use. With its maximum switching power of 1.1 kW, two integrated evaluations for connecting blocks, and the support of different limit switch systems, it meets the requirement profile of numerous system configurations as well as the high standards of EN 61508, on whose guidelines it was developed.

Further special features of the WST-18 are the universal configuration, modularity, and program structure, supporting customer-specific special functions.

Features at a Glance
  • Easy menu control
  • Automatic detection of the safety systems
  • Two programmable output relays
  • Compatible with all common limit switch systems
  • Compliance with EN 12453 and EN 61508
  • Expendable with add-on modules for two-wing systems or traffic light controls regulating the right of way

Features and Functions

The control offers a variety of functions that can be easily and quickly configured using a segment display with rotary switch. Special attention was focused on ease of use to support simple setup and programming.

By default, the WST-18 features two additional output relays. They enable the setup of a wide variety of additional functions, such as position reporting and signal controls. The optionally available add-on board with four further output relays allows expansion of the WST-18 with additional special functions, such as a traffic light control regulating the right of way.

Housing Variants

In addition to the standard variant in an IP54 housing with Makrolon cover, the WST-18 is also available as board module for installation in switch cabinets.

Upon request, the WST-18 is also available in the elegant FST design housing with integrated command keys.

Further Information

WST-18 accessories

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