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The FST is a universally usable compact control with integrated frequency converter. In addition to its large variety of functions and configuration possibilities, the control scores with a particularly simple setup. It combines the known advantages of a frequency converter with separately adjustable travel speeds, soft start and soft stop functionality with ease of installation and user-friendliness.

Already a few seconds after activation, the end positions can be adjusted and the system is ready for operation. Light barriers, sensing edges, wicket door switches, etc. are detected fully automatically. No teaching is required. All this keeps the installation costs at an absolute minimum.

The FST meets all requirements of European standards EN 12453 and EN 61508 and offers numerous safety functions. This also includes the integrated brake rectifier saving you the costs of purchasing a separate device.

Areas of Application
  • High-speed gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Industrial barriers
  • Barriers
  • Rolling gates and grills
  • Sectional gates
  • Swing gates
  • Folding gates

FST Features at a Glance
  • Automatic detection of system components
  • Intuitive and modular function menu
  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Separately adjustable travel speeds
  • Six programmable output relays
  • Maximum safety standard (EN 12453 and EN 61508)
  • Integrated chopper-resistor
  • Integrated brake rectifier
  • Comprehensive function portfolio
  • Speed functions, time / delay /forewarning functions, traffic light control, etc.

Features and Functions

All control settings can be adjusted using the integrated function menu. A rotary switch together with a digital 7-segment-display are used for this purpose. The menu is not only intuitive and allows easy and quick operation, but also modular and dynamic. It automatically adjusts to the connected components. When not in programming mode, the segment display continuously provides information about current system states. Any occurring faults can be immediately read out.

The integrated frequency converter supports comfortable soft start and soft stop, as well as separately adjustable opening and closing speeds. In addition to reduced gate travel times, these functions mainly offer a sustainable plus in comfort, which is accompanied by reduced heating costs, improved work conditions due to lower noise and draft, and reduced drive wear.

FST Variants

The FST is available in two versions: FST-75 with 0.75 kW frequency converter and FST-150 with 1.5 kW frequency converter. Beyond that, we offer both types as standard version in IP54 housing and as variant for switch cabinet integration.

  • Automatic closing
  • Quick closing after crossing light barrier
  • System diagnostics with error codes on segment display
    and input-related LEDs
  • Cycle counter
  • Three integrated evaluations for connecting blocks
  • Support of cam limit switches and
    digital limit switches by GfA
  • Six customizable function relays
  • Step-by-step function for manual remote control

Further Information

FST-75/150 Accessories

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