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Door/Gate Control Accessories

The following standard accessories are available for our FST and WST gate controls.

FST-I/O Module SMF

The compact status-reporting module expands the FST-75/-150 by four additional input channels and five configurable, potential-free relay outputs. The proven RJ45 plug-and play system connects the module to the control in no time.

WST-I/O Module RM-44

The RM44 module for the WST-18 is an extension board with four additional inputs and four additional outputs that can be assigned with different functions via the service menu in the control. For example, two-wing gate systems can be controlled using the RM-44 in additional operating modes. Another application is a traffic light control regulating the right of way.

FST-/WST-Connection Cable

We offer pre-configured, pluggable motor and limit switch cables to minimize the wiring required for our controls. Our FST motor cable as well as the FST/WST DES cable with integrated brake line are available in standard lengths of 3.5, and 10 meters. Further configurations available upon request.

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