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KMG-2000 Accessories

The following KMG-2000 accessories are available:

KMA-2000 – Spacer Kit

EN 12445 specifies several opening gaps, at which forces have to be tested. In addition to 50 mm, which equals the height of KMG force testers, 300 and 500 mm opening gap are among the requirements.

For these test points the KMA – Spacer-Kit contains high-grade, robust metal spacers with a mechanical mounting element, which can be fitted to KMG-2000 force testers. Not only does this help to significantly simplify measuring at these test points. It is also the most effective way to avoid measurement errors.

PC-Software KMG-VD

The archiving and evaluation software KMG-VD is a crucial accessory for force testers of the type KMG-2000-G and its predecessor model KMG-2000-L. The Windows program was specially developed for GTE’s KMG and supports five operating languages.

The program is very easy to use. After connecting the measurement device with a USB-interface of the PC, the entire database including all measurement results and graphs can be download with a single mouse click. Afterwards the single measurements as well as the test point triplets can displayed for detailed, graphical analysis.

For the creation of standardized measurement protocol documents, KMG-VD is equipped with a project module, which handles all system-related data. Based on the selected door or gate type, the recorded measurement results can be assigned to actual standard test points at the respective safety edge.

Once the assignment is complete, the protocol document can be exported as PDF-file, printed or sent via E-Mail.

KMG-VD features:

  • Multiple language support (Englisch, German, French, Italian, Spanish)
  • Data transfer to personal computers
  • Graphical display of force / time charts
  • Analysis of measurement gradients with cursor-functions
  • Archiving and documentation of measurements
  • Printing of acceptance reports conforming to European Standards
  • Measurement control via personal computer
  • Synchronous display of three single measurements and their average values

KMW-2000 – Angular Extension Kit

To master challenging test points at tilting doors, swing gates or vertical doors with sloping sills, the KMW-2000 Kit contains two angular extension elements as well as a mounting module to fit the extensions to the KMG-2000.

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