Ihr kompetenter Partner in Steuerungstechnik, Messtechnik, Sonderbranddetektion und industrieller Wiederaufbereitung elektronischer Komponenten

GTE Industrieelektronik GmbH
Helmholtzstr. 21, 38-40
41747 Viersen, GERMANY
+49 (0)2162 - 3703 - 0

Research and Development

The simple solution to a complex problem!

Customers don’t want products – Customers want solutions! For 25 years our engineers are staying true to this maxim – with success. The extend of this success can be convincingly figured by the broad spectrum of our customers and the economic success, which they have with the solutions we developed for them across a variety of markets.

The basis for this success can also be described quite easily. In addition to a very capable team of doctored physicists and experienced engineers, GTE operates a powerful infrastructure, which ranges from multiple electronics laboratories over electro-mechanical prototyping to a full-scale electronics series production. Apart from that we foster a business culture of flat hierarchy, direct communication and friendly cooperation – An ideal breeding ground for creative, original and economical development solutions.

This philosophy is also applied regarding the interaction with our customers. We place great emphasis on openness, flexibility and pragmatism. Direct communication between the customer and our engineers ensures a smooth flow of information and helps to find the best possible solution.

We invent your innovation!

Do you need an integrated custom solution in the field of measurement, control, safety or security technology? Does your company make use of complicated assemblies with expensive catalogue modules in oversized and bulky steel enclosures? We would be pleased to discuss the possibilities of a cooperation and the design of a custom solution that suits your requirements – even if you don’t expect to sell gigantic quantities.

Our rich experience enables us to manage development projects as efficiently and cost-sensitively as possible. Benefit from it!

Safe and sound

Concerning the functional safety of our product we do not compromise. GTE-products are developed according to the state of the art and according to all current regulations and standards. We can even offer the development of products meeting the stringent requirements of explosion protection accoring to the ATEX-regulation and the IEC-Ex standard.

Should there be any specific product standards in your field of technology, which we are not yet familiar with, our engineers will study them thoroughly and meet all relevant requirements of the standard.

Naturally our development department is regularly audited against to the fulfillment of the requirements of EN ISO 9001 by a notified body.

Further information

Further information about our competence fields can be found on the competences page as well as in the product area.