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NxV II-24

The emergency unit NxV II is a high-quality, microprocessor-based uninterruptible power supply, which monitors the battery capacity according to EN81-28: 2003.

Through its eight LEDs that are logically positioned at the locations of errors occurring , the NxV II granted its users an extensive diagnostic and
Status display . The output of the device , as well as the connections of power supply and Battery are short-circuit proof and protected against reverse polarity .

NxV II-24 Features
  • Automatic capacity alarm according to EN-81-28: 2003 4.1.3
  • Automatoc battery recognition
  • 50 Watts of output power
  • Continuous short circuit protection
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Easy to install


In emergency systems the battery is protected from destruction by deep discharge. In case the minimum cell voltage (<21.6 V) is undercut the unit switches of the output and activates the power saving mode – In this mode the controller only consumes about 0.5 VA. Deeply discharged batteries are fully charged after recurrence of the mains voltage. The charge current varies depending on the ambient temperature and is up to 200 mA.

The unit offers an extensive diagnostic and status indication via eight LEDs which are logically positioned at the locations of sources of error.

The output is short-circuit proof. The connections of power supply and battery are also protected from reverse polarity.

Installation and Commissioning

While installing the connected battery must be programmed once by pressing a key. This process is fully automated. In doing so the device loads the connected lead accumulator temperature compensated to the maximum capacitance value. In mains operation the battery is permanently charged with a trickle charge.
To counteract a sulfation of the battery and to provide the highest possible long-term capacity available, a heavy load pulse is cyclically impressed on the battery.

A battery discharge does not happen in network operation even under full load. The lead-acid battery to be used is workable from 1.2 Ah to 4.5 Ah. The device is suitable to 7 Ah.

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