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KMG-Lite is the most essential force tester available. It was designed to perform a EN 12453 conforming force test as easily as it gets. Push the button once, apply the force, wait for the results and you’re done. No data storage, no interface, no complicated service menu – Just force testing.

In terms of accuracy and evaluation KMG-Lite is fully compliant with EN 12453 and EN 16005.

For quick and professional documentation, KMG-Lite comes along with specially designed paper pads and for electronic documentation with a free online tool for desktop, mobile and tablet use.

Properties of KMG-Lite
  • Stand-alone one-hand instrument (no computer required)
  • Easy handling
  • Designed for quick force testing during maintenance
  • Illuminated display of measurement results
  • Mechanical overload protection
  • Battery powered (AA-Type batteries)
  • Force evaluation according to EN 12453 and DIN 16005
  • Automatic start of measurement
  • Protocol-Sheets included in KMG-Lite case
  • force-test-tool

Measurement and evaluation

Before a measurement can be taken, no setup is required. The device is activated by simply pushing the control button. After a startup sequence of a few seconds, KMG-Lite is ready for action. As soon as a force of at least 20 Newton is applied, the integrated data logging and evaluation routine is triggered.

According to EN 12453 a force sample is taken every 5 milliseconds. After 5 seconds the recorded force-time-diagram is automatically evaluated and the result parameter for the peak force Fdyn displayed on the build-in LED-segment-display. By pushing the button the calculated values for the dynamic time duration tdyn and the static force remaining after 5 seconds Fend can be displayed.

The following video clips demonstrate the simplified force test method with the KMG-Lite on a sliding gate and a sectional door:


Documentation of a full EN 12453 test series is quite time consuming and should be done with our KMG-2000-G and the according PC-Software.

A simplified force test with the KMG-Lite however can be documented right after the measurement without any delay. For this purpose special paper pads are included with the KMG-Lite.

Additionally GTE offers a free online service for documentation of force test results: The Force-Test-Tool (www.force-test-tool.com).

The Online-Tool can be customized with company information and logo. Standard test point location can also be saved as default information.

After this one-time initial setup, only system specific information and the actual test results need to be filled in to the forms. By clicking “Create Report” a PDF-protocol with all information is automatically created and can be downloaded, printed or emailed right away.

The tool is 100% free to use and is compatible with desktop PCs, notebooks, smartphones and tablets. The only requirement is a web browser with internet access.

KMG-Lite Accessories

KMG-Lite was developed in order to make force testing simple, fast and economical. This aim is underline with our force test accessory products.
The KMG-Lite DS (Distance Set) is an all-in-one solution for the simplified quick force test method.

Further information about KMG-Lite DS

Further Information

For further information about force testing we would like to refer to our technical web portal www.KMG-Lite.com

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