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KMG-Lite Distance-Set

KMG-Lite Distance-Set (DS) is a complete spacer and accessory kit specially designed for GTE’s simplified force tester KMG-Lite. It is the ideal aid for measuring opening and closing forces in the most significant opening gaps. It makes force testing as easy and fast as it gets.

In addition to standardized metal spacers for opening gaps of 300 and 500 mm, the kit contains a robust force measurement tripod, which is the perfect accessory for testing vertical doors. The most practical thing about the tripod is, that the KMG-Lite can be simply be put in the right place without requiring any person to hold it during the measurement. This aspect does not only save time – it also helps to avoid measurement errors due to non-vertical induction of force.

All components of the KMG-Lite Distance-Set are contained within a high-quality transport case, in which the tester itself can also be stored.

KMG-Lite DS Features:
  • Comprehensive accessory kit
  • Metal spacers for opening gaps of 300 and 500 mm
  • Robust measurement tripod for vertical doors
  • High-quality transport case
  • Easily adaptable for challenging tasks

Adaptivity for challenging measurement tasks

In order to master challenging measurement tasks, the components of the KMG-Lite Distance-Set are equipped with standard 3/4″ Whitworth threads. Using off the shelf pipe elements the set can easily be extended and adapted to the according measurement situation without causing massive add-on costs.

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