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The KMG-2000-G is the best-selling force tester for manufacturers, installers and technical experts of power-operated doors, gates and barriers. The device measures the dynamic and static forces and displays the force vs. time graph as well as the peak force value in full compliance with EN 12445, EN 12453, EN 16005 and DIN 18650. All measurement values are instantly evaluated and saved to the huge internal memory (space for 500 measurements). According to the standards a triplet of individual measurement values is automatically averaged, yielding a final measurement result, which is conforming to standards.

The large integrated graphical display shows the recorded force-time-diagrams right after the measurement enabling a system diagnosis immediately on-site.

For further evaluation and documentation the device is equipped with a USB interface. With the seperately available software KMG-VD, saved measurement data can easily be uploaded to a PC or notebook for evaluation, archiving and printing of test protocols.

Properties of KMG-2000-G

  • Stand-alone one-hand instrument (no computer required
  • Allows quality assurance according to standard EN 13849-1 during production of doors and gates
  • Easy handling
  • Illuminated LCD-Display
  • Graphical display of measurement values and limits specified in the standards
  • Mechanical overload protection
  • Battery powered (approx. 100 hrs of operation without recharging)
  • Automatic averaging
  • Automatic start of measurement possible
  • Internal memory for 500 measurements
  • USB interface for data transfer

20 Years of KMG-2000

In the late 20th century the increasing degree of automation of doors, gates and barriers in the field lead to an increase of accidents related to the automatic operation. Even fatalities caused by unsafe closing edges had to be recorded on a regular basis.

In order to counteract this negative trend, the first safety standards were released, which included a method for testing the force limitation capabilities of a power-operated door, gate or barrier. Because of her significant experience in the field of measurement technology, GTE Industrieelektronik GmbH was asked by the German health and safety authorities BIA Berufsgenossenschaftlichen Institut für Arbeitsschutz (today IFA Institut für Arbeitsschutz der DGUV Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung) to develop and manufacture the first dynamic force meter for this specific purpose. The first KMG-2000 was designed and presented to the marked in early 1995.

Today, over 20 years and several thousand devices later, the third generation of the KMG-2000 is available, which contains all the experience and know-how of countless engineers and which to this day is the unchallenged standard of force testing in the market.

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