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GTE Industrieelektronik GmbH
Helmholtzstr. 21, 38-40
41747 Viersen, GERMANY
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Force Testers for Doors and Gates

Force testing at the closing edges of power-operated doors, gates and barriers is a standardized procedure for analyzing and documenting the proper function of safety devices. With over 20 years of experience GTE is the leading expert in the field of door and gate force testing. For a detailed introduction to the topic, please refer to our technical website www.KMG-Lite.com.


KMG-2000-G is the state of the art force tester for manufacturer, installer and technical experts with graphical display, USB-Interace and large data-storage.


KMG-Lite is the worldwide best-selling best-value force tester for doors, gates and barriers available and is specially designed for quick and easy maintenance testing.

KMG-2000 Accessories

The KMA kit contains standardized metal spacers. The Software KMG-VD provides powerful tools for digital documentation and archiving of measurement data.

KMG-Lite Accessories

The KMG-Lite DS is a comprehensive accessory kit for KMG-Lite. It contains spacers and a robust tripod combined in a professional and handy transport case.

KMG-Lite Documentation

For a simple, uniform and norm-compliant documentation of the measured values, the GTE offers you various options.

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