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The GMG-300 is a mobile sliding friction-measuring device designed for testing street surfaces. It enables the reproducible determination of the slip-resisting property for example of asphalt. With that, the GMG-300 can for example be used as acceptance test after construction measures or road cleaning after traffic accidents.

The device stores all measuring curves and sliding friction values in its internal data memory and shows the determined measuring results immediately on the integrated display. The GMG features a PC interface for data transfer to the GMG-VD Software for further analysis and recording.

The GMG-300 was developed in collaboration with the GGVU (German Quality Assurance Association for Traffic Area Cleaning and Rehabilitation of Accident Scenes).


GMG-300 Features
  • Mobile measuring device with integrated batteries
  • Robust design
  • Plain-test display of the measured values
  • Operating display and state of charge display
  • Memory and measuring track display
  • Easy measuring mode activation
  • Measured data storage also after device switched off
  • RS232 interface for data transfer and further processing with GMG-VD PC software.

Measurement and Documentation

As measurement preparation, the traction strap is pulled from the measuring device and/or case and attached to the slider, which is then positioned on the road section to be measured. To measure, the slider is pulled at constant speed and the required force (that depends on the coefficient of sliding friction of the floor) is captured and recorded. The test area has a length of approx. 1000 mm – 500 mm only are considered in the evaluation. The evaluation results as well as the current strap retraction can be immediately read out from the integrated LCD display.

Ease of use for timesaving and efficient measurements: Operate the “Bandauszug” (Strap Extraction) button, after the GMG-300 is switched on. Pull the strap out to its full length. (The strap can also be pulled out to the required length, and aligned using the “Stop” button.) Now attach the end of the strap to the slider.

The measurement is started and the sliding friction values recorded by slightly stretching the strap and pressing the “Start” button.

Five measuring runs should be recorded for every measurement series.Three of them are then combined into a so-called test cycle during analysis.
A total of 18 measurement series can be stored.

After measurement series completion, the GMG can be connected to a PC or laptop. All recorded data is transferred per mouse click to the GMG-VD visualization software. After supplementing any desired additional information regarding the measurement series, the measurement results and charts can be outputted and printed in a standard-conform PDF report.

Scope of Delivery

The GMG-300 is a compact device integrated in an aluminum case. This case is used as means of transportation, measuring device, and storage location for the equipment required for measurement execution.

The following accessories are included in the scope of delivery:

  • Power supply for battery charging
  • Sliding unit with sliders
  • Thermometer for air and road temperature measurements
  • Sanding block 120 and 320 grain size
  • Sanding paper (abrasive silicon carbide material), 120 and 320 grain size

Further Information
  • Details and Operating Instructions Available on Request


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