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GMG-200 is a mobile instrument for measuring the coefficient of sliding friction of floorings conforming to DIN 51131, DIN EN 13893 and DIN CEN/TS 16165.

About 20% of all accidents in the commercial sector and more than 40% in the domestic sector are accidents with people stumbling or slipping!

Oftentimes those accidents can be traced back to flooring with insufficient skid resistance. With the aim to avoid these kinds of accidents, new flooring has to be tested concerning sliding friction characteristics. Therefore GTE has developed GMG. It is the only device that gives you the opportunity to measure this physical quantity in a repeatable and reliable way.

The GMG is currently the only standardized sliding friction tester.

GMG-200 Features at a Glance
  • one-hand battery-operated measuring unit
  • robust design
  • measured values and nominal value deviations in clear-text indicator
  • operation display, indication “power on” and “battery low”
  • free memory , slider materials, temperature and humidity displays
  • simple activation of measuring mode after switching on by pressing the “Start” button or by foot operation
  • permanent storage of measuring curves also after unit has been switched off
  • interface to PC or laptop

Measurement and Documentation

Before starting the measurement, a preliminary test must be performed to determine the direction with minimum slip resistance, taking into account floor inclination. The measurement must be aligned based on this result.

During the measurement, the device must be pulled at constant speed across the surface to be tested. The required force (that depends on the coefficient of sliding friction of the floor) is captured and recorded. Next, the integrated analysis calculates the mean sliding friction value of the surface across a distance of 500 mm.

The measurements must take place at representative points of the floor. Five individual measuring runs should be recorded for every measuring series. Three of these five measuring tracks are then combined into a test cycle.

All measured data can be transferred for further analysis via the serial interface of the GMG to the GMG-VD PC software.

Easy Adaptation to Floor Covering

According to DIN 51131, the slider material of the measuring device is replaced depending on the use of a sliding agent during the measurement. For this reason, the sliders of the GMG-200 are mounted on a replaceable slider plate that can be replaced in a few quick steps. Beyond that, the GTE offers slider plates with standard slider materials.

The slider plates feature a sensor. Using this sensor, the GMG-200 can automatically detect the installed slider material and consider it in the analysis. The current slider material is also shown on the display.

Scope of Delivery

In addition to the GMG-200, the following accessories are included in the scope of delivery:

Further Information
  • Datasheet
  • Operating manual
  • DGUV-Informations (German)

GMG-200 Accessories

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