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GMG-200 Accessories

GMG-200 standard grinder

The GMG standard sanding block complies with the requirements from DIN 51131:2014 “Testing of Floor Coverings – Determination of the Anti-slip Property – Method for Measurement of the Sliding Friction Coefficient”, Section 5.2.4.

It consists of a fixed, level, aluminum carrier plate with dimensions of 250 x 115 mm and a mass of 1.5 ± 0.2 kg, with two clamping fixtures and a handle.

The standard sanding paper can be clamped between the two clamping fixtures. Based on the defined weight, the GMG sliders can be sanded flat prior to the measurement applying a defined pressure.

GMG standard sanding paper

GTE offers cut-to-size standard sanding paper according to DIN 51131, Section 5.2.4, for the GMG standard sanding block. The sheets are coated with abrasive silicon carbide material. They are available with two different grain sizes according to the standard.

GMG-200 slider and slider plates

GTE offers replacement sliders and slider plates according to DIN 51131, Section 5.2., as accessories for the GMG-200. The slider plates feature a sensor. Using this sensor, the GMG-200 can automatically detect the currently installed slider material.

SET-GMG sodium lauryl sulfate ≥99%

To ensure a normative measurement, the GTE recommends the use of ‘SET-GMG sodium lauryl sulfate ≥99%’. It can be used to produce a 0,1% solution of relaxed water from one gram of SDS pellets and one liter of distilled or deionized water, allowing GMG-200 measurements to be carried out according to the standard DIN51131.

The ‘SET-GMG Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ≥99%’ contains 250 grams of SDS pellets, a dosing aid in the unit of 1 gram and a transport can for measured amounts of sodium lauryl sulfate.

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