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Standards Situation

In robot-human collaboration without separating protective fences, possible collision forces must be limited. For safe operation, compliance with permissible limit values must be measured and verified using suitable measurement technology.

The following standards are relevant for the test procedure for force-pressure measurement on collaborating robots:

  • ISO/TS 15066:2016: Robots and robotic devices – Collaborative robots
  • ISO 10218-1:2011-07: Robots and robotic devices – Safety requirements for industrial robots – Part 1: Robots
  • ISO 10218-2:2011-07: Robots and robotic devices – Safety requirements for industrial robots – Part 2: Robot systems and integration
  • FB HM-080 (Issue 08/2017): DGUV Information: Collaborative robot systems Planning of plants with the function “power and force limitation“

The standards for the American region are based on the specifications of the Robotic Industries Association of the American National Standards Institute:

  • RIA TR R15.806-2018: „Technical Report for Industrial Robots and Robot-Systems – Safety Requirements – Testing Methods for Power & Force Limited Collaborative Applications“

In addition, the requirements of the employers’ liability insurance association apply in Germany. These are summarized and described in the following documents: