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The CBSF-75-Basic is a hand-held measuring device for a simplified measuring method for checking transient and quasistatic forces and pressures on collaborating robots.

In any human-robot collaboration (HRC) without separating protective equipment, collisions between humans and robots cannot be completely ruled out. The permissible limit values for force and pressure in accordance with ISO/TS 15066 must be observed as they ensure the safe operation of HRC work places.

The CBSF-75-Basic is a force transducer, which in combination with the pressure measurement set CoboSafe-Scan employs a simplified measuring procedure. Here a measuring device is used with only one spring constant which determines the existing collision forces and pressures for different body zones. The system addresses applications that do not primarily work speed-orientated, and is sufficient for a range of different applications. For more detailed measurements, CBSF instruments are required.

Force Measurement: CBSF-75-Basic

The force transducer of the CBSF-75-Basic, made from aluminum, is crafted to a high-quality, and is precise and robust. It consists of a Piezo force sensor and a linear-guided measuring mechanism that guarantees an optimum measuring accuracy and reproducibility. The CBSF-75-Basic is equipped with integrated electronics for the evaluation and memory of the values measured. The transient and quasi-static values are rendered via the display and the force path is represented graphically. The force transducer includes a measuring range of up to 500 N.

Via the K1 damping materials, the force transducer can also be adapted to the biofidel properties of different body regions ​​according to ISO / TS 15066 and DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) information “FB HM-080”.

Pressure Measurement: Set CoboSafe-Scan

The set CoboSafe-Scan is based on Fujifilm Prescale films. It records the pressure distribution and the maximum pressure. The films react to the pressure and display the pressure distribution. The pressure force is determined by the intensity of the discolouration of the pressure measuring films, to an accuracy of ±10%. Using a scanner and a calibration-sheet, the pressure image is imported into the Software CoboSafe-Vision and evaluated automatically. The imported pressure film is converted into pressure values and the pressure image and maximum pressure are displayed as a result. The set comprises a scanner with calibration element and a Prescale film unit type LLW for a pressure range of 50-250 N/cm². Fujifilm Prescale film is a rolled goods and is then cut to size for the required measuring surface. Further film types for other pressure ranges are available as an option.

Software CoboSafe-Vision

The CoboSafe-Vision software visualises the measured force curves and pressure images. It calculates and determines the values for the transient and quasi-static forces, and for the maximum pressure value.

An assessment of the pressure image is possible by means of the two and three-dimensional representation, as well as by using the filters. An individual reporting option is also intended, such as csv-export output.

Further Information

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