Force Tester KMG-T The KMG-T force measuring device determines the dynamic and static forces as well as the temporal progression of force effects on closing edges of automatically operated doors, gates, and barriers. It is a smooth-running tool for simple maintenance checks. At the same time, in its extended operating mode, it supports manufacturers, installers, [...]


Software KMG-Vision Evaluation, documentation and management of measurements and projects KMG-Vision is a PC software that provides convenient transfer and management of measurement results with the force gauges of the KMG series. The Windows-based software KMG-Vision visualizes, logs and archives the measurement data of the KMG measuring devices, and even more: KMG-Vision allows to manage [...]

App KMG-Lite

Documentation APP KMG-Lite If the KMG-Lite measuring device is equipped with a wireless module, visualization and documentation can also be carried out via the free KMG-Lite app. The mobile app simplifies the storage of your measurement data and transfer of the report to your client. Your Smartphone or tablet connects wirelessly to the KMG-Lite and [...]


Industrial IR Fire Detector for ATEX Zone 22 and 2 HOTSPOT-X22/X2 ADICOS HOTSPOT-X22/X2 are thermographic detectors for use in hazardous areas. Possible fields of application are now areas endangered by dust (ATEX zone 22) as well as by gas (ATEX zone 2). They are specially designed to meet the requirements of early fire detection in [...]

KMG Accessories

Accessories for KMG Devices KMG Distance Set The KMG Distance Set is a practical accessory for measuring closing forces on doors, gates and barriers. According to the requirements, measurements under three different measuring distances are necessary for most types of doors and gates. They can be easily realized using a suitable distance set as a [...]


Force Tester KMG-2000-G The KMG-2000-G is a measuring device for determining dynamic and static forces on closing edges of power-operated and automated doors, gates and barriers. It provides convenient one-handed operation and is easy and intuitive to use. Manufacturers, experts and installers appreciate this powerful force gauge, especially when checking the safety in use of [...]


Temperature Screening HEATDEC-Pro Particularly in the access areas of factory premises, public spaces, or care facilities such as retirement homes, a reliable measurement of human body temperatures is relevant to safety. The measuring system evaluates the temperature distribution of a face and  provides a quick and reliable feedback. Depending on the result, additional measures can [...]

CoboSafe Accessories

CoboSafe Accessories for CBSF Damping Elements (K1) The use of an additional damping element (K1) in combination with the different spring constants of the CBSF devices enables the measurement of the biomechanical threshold values according to EN ISO 10218-2, ISO/TS 15066, the DGUV information "FB HM-080", and the "RIA TR R15.806-2018“ according to the specifications [...]


Evaluation Software CoboSafe-Vision The CoboSafe-Vision software visualizes the force curves and pressure images determined with the CoboSafe force-pressure measuring system. It calculates and determines the transient and quasi-static forces and pressure values. Software-aided protocol The results of the force-pressure measurements with the CoboSafe devices can be conveniently evaluated using the Windows-based evaluation software CoboSafe-Vision, which [...]

Pressure Measurement Set CoboSafe-Tek

Das Set CoboSafe-Tek ermittelt und visualisiert über elektronische Foliensensoren die Druckwerte und die Druckverteilung für den nach ISO/TS 15066 geforderten transienten- und statischen Druck.