Conference Lithiumbatteries 2023

The journal fokus GEFAHR/GUT invites to the conference “Lithium Batteries 2023” in Göttingen, Germany, from January 23 to 26. Our expertise is also represented by two speakers from ADICOS, Industrial Fire Detection Technology.

Top Apprenticing Company 2022

On November 4, 2022, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Mittlerer Niederrhein) invited trainees to the “2022 Best Apprentice Awards Ceremony”. In addition, numerous apprenticing companies and vocational colleges from the region were honored.

New Wave Soldering System: More Quality and Productivity

With the new SEHO PowerWave N2 wave soldering system, we have brought our electronics production up to date. We are setting new standards in terms of quality and productivity.

KMG-Vision provides time savings and flexibility

The new KMG-Vision software for evaluating measurements of closing forces on doors, gates and barriers means a considerable gain in time and flexibility for users.

New GMG-Carrier-Plate for Sandpaper

For the preparation of sliding friction measurements with our GMG devices, we offer a GMG-Carrier-Plate as an accessory.

EUSAS Conference – Fire Protection in the Logistics Sector

At the EUSAS conference “Fire Detection and Security in the Logistics Sector” from October 5 to 6, 2022 in Zurich, ADICOS Division Manager, Guido Vieten, will be present as a speaker.

Apprenticeship Completed! Congrats 2022

Nora Krifa-Dedlow and Ben Friedrich successfully completed their apprenticeship as electronics technicians for devices and systems in May 2022.

ADICOS System: Our New Product Brochure Is Out!

Our new product brochure for the ADICOS system is available: everything at a glance about our powerful system for early industrial fire detection.

New software GMG-Vision

Our new GMG-Vision software, version EN11, has been released. Originating from its predecessor GMG-VD, it has been fundamentally updated and adapted to the current status of standards.

Available from Fall 2022: CoboSafe CBSF-XS

Available from summer 2022: Small and versatile, our newly developed CoboSafe CBSF-XS, especially for cobot grippers and other applications with confined gaps.