EUSAS Conference - Fire Protection in the Logistics Sector

At the EUSAS conference "Fire Detection and Security in the Logistics Sector" from October 5 to 6, 2022 in Zurich, ADICOS Division Manager, Guido Vieten, will be present as a speaker. Topic of the presentation: " Current Fire Risks for Logistics Processes in Waste Management - Successful Protective Concepts with Thermal Imaging Cameras ".  Fire protection concepts in waste management and recycling technology must meet high requirements beginning from the moment of delivery, along the path through the plant up to finally storage for the collection process. Bulk material, as well as conveyor belts, must be carefully monitored. The speed at which hazardous parts are transported within a plant is particularly challenging. Increasingly, this includes heated lithium-ion batteries. Thermography systems with infrared sensor technology offer reliable solutions for this.