Ihr kompetenter Partner in Steuerungstechnik, Messtechnik, Sonderbranddetektion und industrieller Wiederaufbereitung elektronischer Komponenten

GTE Industrieelektronik GmbH
Helmholtzstr. 21, 38-40
41747 Viersen, GERMANY
+49 (0)2162 - 3703 - 0


Measurement Technology

Development, manufacturing and calibration of integrated special measurement devices, e.g. for workplace safety inspections.

Fire Detection Technology

Development and manufacturing of sensor systems for early fire detection in industrial surroundings – e.g. fire gas sensor systems, intelligent infrared cameras, etc.

Door/Gate Control Technology

Development and manufacturing of integrated compact drive control units for power-operated doors, gates and barriers. Customized products on request!

Pool/Spa Control Technology

Development and manufacturing of control systems for swimming pools, pool coveres and water quality. Customized products on request!

Battery Technology

Development, production and remanufacturing of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries and battery management systems. Customized products on request!

Automotive Remanufacturing

Industrial remanufacturing of automotive GPS- and entertainment systems, engine control modules, steering pumps, etc.

Elevator Technology

Development and Manufacturing of freight elevator controls and uninterruptible power supply units according to EN 81. Customized products on request!

Access Control Systems

Development and manufacturing of wireless transponder access control systems. Customized products on request!

Ventilation Control Technology

Development and manufacturing of drive control units for ventilation curtains of stables, barns and agricultural complexes. Customized products on request!


Electronics Development

Development of custom electronic circuits and electro-mechanical devices of the above listed technology fields.

Electronics Manufacturing

Series production with SMD and THT assembly in quantities ranging from 50 to 5,000 pieces – Details on request!

Prototyping and Special Production

Manufacturing of small series and prototypes of extraordinary technological sophistication in our special production facility.

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